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    Black & White

    Black & White

    Datum vrijgave: 17/04/2015
    Streaming prijs: $0.18
    Bonuspunten: 15
    Download prijs: $9.75
    Bonuspunten: 2000

    We all know hotels can be the perfect place for ball-busting sex – not just for the kinky clients, but sometimes for the staff as well. As proves to be the case at this hostelry, where black on white is very much just for starters ...

    Download: 1.59 GB

    Per Scene

    Scene 1

    Scene 1 • Duur: 00:29:46

    Labels: Twinks / Neger broers / Neger broeders / Buurjongen / Sex tussen verschillendre rassen / 69

    A lover finds his boyfriend cheating on him, signalling the start of a spuntastic interracial duo. He pisses off almost as quickly as he arrived; leaving the white twink and his black buddy to start the morning with a heavy round of dick-sucking, ass-rimming and mutual wanking. All eventually topped off by the white boy taking a hard, unremitting ride on that thick black shaft that his fuck-buddy has got stashed between his legs. Then it’s very much cream all round!

    Scene 2

    Scene 2 • Duur: 00:38:15

    Labels: Rimmen / Hengsten / Onbesneden / Cumshots In t Gezicht / 69

    Sometimes just talking about your sexual experiences to the people you meet can leave you in a state of hyper-excitement, as this fellow proves when he pals up with the bartender. Having recounted his tale, he’s very much ready for a hardcore session of his own; and soon the two studs are sucking each other off on the bar. Not content with that, a rigorous fuck ensues; before both guys jizz off like a couple of pent-up volcanoes – the one over the other fellow’s face!

    Scene 3

    Scene 3 • Duur: 00:11:41

    Labels: Rimmen / Douche / Onder de douche / Twinks / Blond Haired

    A hotel bartender gets a call to take a bottle of plonk up to one of the guest rooms – but in fairness neither of the guys inside appear at all interested in the drink. Instead, they’re way too busy having fun inside the bathroom, as they soap and fondle each other’s bodies; before happily working up to sucking each other’s cocks and rimming ass. It’s not long before a hearty, energetic fuck takes place between the two lads, both of whom are soon rewarded with spunk!
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