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    Release date: 24/05/2009
    Streaming price: $0.15
    Bonus Points: 15
    Download price: $49.75
    Bonus Points: 3000

    A magic comic draws its readers into hot, cum-drenched adventures and lets secret fantasies come true. The stories start in the form of intricately animated comic pictures, before the pictures dissolve into the reality of the typical sweat-inducing day in the world of porn. 15 sporty skaterboys and horned-up twinks deposit their loads in hot duos and group fucks.

    Studio: SpritzzDirector: Falk Lux
    • Alex Pain
    • Andy Stone
    • Brice Farmer
    • Daniel Dix
    • Kallum Ash
    • Max Schneider
    • Moskito
    • Nathan Kain
    • Phil Reflex
    • Sascha Steigenberger
    • Steve Flick
    • Tom Stein
    • Troy Bolton
    Scene by Scene

    Strip Poker

    Scene 1 • Runtime: 00:21:47

    Tags: Shaved Balls / Shaved Cock / Spit Roasting / Teens / Uncut / Group Sex

    Winning at poker is good, of course; but losing can be even more fun, especially when it results in getting gang-banged by a group of horny studs. With an interracial mix, this is one card game you won't forget in a hurry!


    Scene 2 • Runtime: 00:23:38

    Tags: Safe Sex / Shaved Balls / Spit Roasting / Threesome / Toilet Sex / Laddish

    You know what it’s like – you’re at a club and you meet someone who catches your eye. Before you know it you’re off to the toilets and giving head. An ideal night for sure – made even better when the DJ enters to make it a threesome. No wonder little Moskito has to pop his thick load twice!


    Scene 3 • Runtime: 00:18:00

    Tags: Rimming / Shaved Balls / Shaved Cock / Dildo / Extreme Anal

    Meeting another guy on a train, a young punk gets more than he bargained for courtesy of one of the biggest black dildos you’re ever likely to see. A serious fisting session makes this the perfect encounter!


    Scene 4 • Runtime: 00:10:47

    Tags: Piss / Rimming / Shower / Uncut / Laddish

    A pair of horny locker-room lads savour the delights of piss and cum as they spray lashings of yellow nectar and hot, fresh cream in the showers. With a cute face and gorgeous blue eyes, the bottom in question in seriously hot!


    Scene 5 • Runtime: 00:16:21

    Tags: Shaved Balls / Threesome / Uncut / Boy Next Door

    Being rescued from drowning from a group of seamen is one thing. Getting subsequently fucked by the horny bastards as a “thank you” is quite another. But that’s what happens to this hot dude, who discovers how life on the ocean-wave is just one hard cock after another!
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