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    Bare Chat

    Bare Chat

    Release date:
    Streaming price: $0.19
    Bonus Points: 15
    Download price: $39.75
    Bonus Points: 3000

    Thirteen young guys and a boy doll in 6 scenes. Cute little arses with cheeks spread for fantastic fat cocks. Superb facial and across the ass cum shots. Total filth.

    Studio: BareDirector: Vlado Iresch
    • Alan Capier
    • Alexander Manchini
    • Cameron Jackson
    • Jay Gregory
    • Joe Kean
    • Johny Hunter
    • Justin Corner
    • Marco Filipi
    • Patrik Dorsy
    • Ronnie Badell
    • Sanches Viva
    • Thomas Lee
    Scene by Scene

    Bare Chat - Scene 1

    Scene 1 • Runtime: 00:20:44

    Tags: Muscles / Shaved Balls / Big dick / Blond Haired / Boy Next Door / Arse Play

    Award-winning Jackson receives some on-site maintenance to both his webcam and big fat uncut cock by dark haired Filipi. As Filipi deepthroats him, Jackson is reaching over and fingering his shaved butt hole. Jackson fucks him on his back, all fours, on his side and eventually Filipi impales himself on the blond?s cock and bounces up and down until Jackson cums over his back and arse.

    Bare Chat - Scene 2

    Scene 2 • Runtime: 00:18:42

    Tags: Rimming / Underwear / Blond Haired / Boy Next Door

    Dark haired Johny Hunter gets sucked, rimmed, fingered and fucked by blond Dorsy on a pool table. These two are probably the youngest performers at 18 years old.

    Bare Chat - Scene 3

    Scene 3 • Runtime: 00:16:34

    Tags: Shaved Balls / Boy Next Door

    Manchini and Kean in the waiting room of a doctor's surgery. Joe explains his problem is a permanent hard-on. After some mutual cock sucking, Kean shags Manchini. We don't get to see if Kean's hard-on subsides after he blows his load.

    Bare Chat - Scene 4

    Scene 4 • Runtime: 00:03:19

    Tags: Solo Sex / Spit Roasting / Threesome / Blond Haired / Facial Cumshot

    Cameron Jackson at his best no wonder he's a superstar. He and Arner jerk off while watching themselves through a web cam.

    Bare Chat - Scene 5

    Scene 5 • Runtime: 00:21:50

    Tags: Muscles / Rimming / Shaved Balls / Spit Roasting / Big dick / Threesome / Underwear / Blond Haired / Bodybuilder / Facial Cumshot / Interracial

    Threesome with enormously hung Cuban Viva, blond Twink Capier and dark Twink Lee. They chill-out with a little dope, and this develops in to a 3-way jack off party. Both boys stretch their jaws on Viva's uncut whopper before they suck each other. They then move into a 69 with Viva sticking his chocolate fingers in Capier's cute arse and stretching it for Lee's cock and then his own. Capier ends up with two facials.

    Bare Chat - Scene 6

    Scene 6 • Runtime: 00:23:28

    Tags: Muscles / Spit Roasting / Threesome

    Another threesome (or four-way if you count the plastic doll). Smooth and tanned Badell who has blond hair, along with young muscle stud Corner, discover slim Gregory shagging the arse off a boy doll. His big fat cock has just deposited its load of hot frothy spunk in the latex hole and it is dripping out. All 3 suck each other's cocks before the other two prepare Gregory's hole. Badell rims him and Corner fingers him before he gets spit roasted. Badell withdraws just in time to shoot a big load over Gregory's gaping hole. Badell then pushes his cock and the chunks of spunk back in. Then, without any cuts or scene changes, Corner replaces Badell?s cock with his own and pounds Gregory's hole which is still wet and slippery with Badell's spunk.
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