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    Raw Skaters HD

    Raw Skaters HD

    Release date: 08/02/2018
    Download price: $44.75
    Bonus Points: 3000

    They’re young, snazzy and have got four wheels beneath their feet – but believe us when we tell you that it’s not fast cars that interest these horned-up buddies. No, the likes of Charlie Keller, Titus Snow and Connor Rex are all self-confessed skater-boys; whose love of boarding is only matched by their love of hard cock and hot spunk! Fortunately for us, it’s that latter interest that sparks our focus here, as the lads team up for a jizz-soaked round of ass-stretching, ball-draining fun that’ll leave you gasping for a bout at your local skater-park!

    Studio: RawDirector: John Smith
    • Titus Snow
    • Connor Rex
    • Casey Flip
    • Charlie Keller
    • Ezra Gibson
    • Robin Rhea
    • Boris Lang
    Scene by Scene

    Beer-Sipping Skater Gets Arse Stretched By Pal’s Upturned Dick!

    Scene 1 • Runtime: 00:00:00

    Tags: Rimming / Skaters / Tattoos / Twinks / Uncut

    After a long hard day making out at the skater park, there’s nothing Robin Rhea and Charlie Keller love better than to toss their boards to one side, kick off their shirts and baseball caps, crack open a beer – and fuck each other totally and utterly senseless! Which is pretty much the way things turn out between them here; with both lads only too eager to get shut of their oversized jeans so that they feast on all the thick, uncut twink-meat that’s clearly aching away in their bulges! Keller for one clearly can’t wait to get his luscious lips around his mate’s throbbing fuck-stick; gobbling away on Rhea’s pole, before engaging in a brief interlude of kinkiness involving his feet and socks. But Rhea’s own intentions are even more basic; rimming Keller’s pert, hairless pucker with clear relish, before thrusting every throbbing inch of his handsome ramrod deep into the hungry little fuck-hole. No question about it, you’re just gonna love the sight of young Keller getting the pounding of his life – shot in part from underneath so that you get to enjoy the intensity of the encounter, and made even more memorable by some superb ass-to-mouth interjections. Indeed, it’s a fucking wonder that the poor sofa they’re using doesn’t break, as Rhea pounds into his buddy from a series of positions; culminating in Keller pumping out a superb multi-shot blow-out whilst riding that thick, uncut monster reverse-cowboy style. That leaves the curly-haired top to work out his own wad for Keller’s satisfaction; though by this point there’s every chance you’ll have already creamed yourself big time!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Titus Snow, le skateur apprécie beaucoup de s’empaler sur une nouvelle bite!

    Scene 2 • Runtime: 00:00:00

    Tags: Rimming / Skaters / Tattoos / Twinks / Uncut / Blond Haired

    Il y a des chances que ces mecs aimeraient vous convaincre qu’ils ne sont que de beaux innocents, en rentrant avec leurs skateboards chez eux après s’être exercés dans le parc, et en attrapant une canette dans le frigo pour se rafraîchir, mais vous savez déjà que Titus est tout sauf innocent, mais les chances que le nouveau venu, Martin le soit sont quand même bien minces. Non pas que cela risque de nous choquer, bien au contraire, et il suffit de quelques instants pour qu’ils se roulent une pelle digne des meilleures, et qu’ils se débarrassent vite fait de leurs fringues. Comme d’habitude Titus est excité en moins de temps qu’il ne faut pour le dire, qui se met à genoux pour s’occuper au plus vite de ce beau chibre qu’il fait jaillir des sous vêts de son nouveau pote. Voilà qui encourage Martin, c’est certain, qui va retourner le célèbre modèle de Staxus sur une table proche pour qu’il puisse se régaler du petit cul quasiment imberbe de Titus, avant de lui bouffer totalement la rondelle. Vous vous doutez déjà de ce qui va suivre, puisque toute bite à proximité se veut de défoncer le cul de Titus. Le moins que l’on puisse dire c’est qu’il ne sera pas déçu, en s’enfonçant chaque centimètre de la queue de Martin, qui le défonce dans toute une série de positions. On n’est pas surpris que le passif atteigne rapidement le point de non retour, en chevauchant la queue bien dure, avant que Martin ne se lâche dans le cul du passif, ce qui nous montre le plaisir final de Titus, qui va lécher tout le foutre sur le membre de son pote avant de retourner à sa canette.
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Threeway Pile-Up Climaxes In A Jizz-Inducing Double-Stuffing!

    Scene 3 • Runtime: 00:00:00

    Tags: Muscles / Skaters / Threesome / Twinks / Uncut / Double Penetration / Fingering / Dark Haired

    Is there anything more enjoyable for a young skater-boy – other than being on his wheels, of course! – than to hang out with his mates and share a beer? Well, what about sharing each other’s hard cocks? That’s certainly the route that this trio of horned-up buddies heads down when Icelandic beauty, Charlie Keller, teams up with Ezra Gibson and Boris Lang for the kind of hot, sweaty, intimate gang-bonding session that we just know you’re gonna love. In all fairness, if Gibson and Lang have any idea what’s inside their mate’s tight-fitting jeans it’s no fucking wonder why they make a beeline for the lad’s crotch – Gibson being the first to unleash the Nordic monster, before Lang joins in so that they can both enjoy every inch of hard flesh with their lush, juicy lips. But the fact is that Keller isn’t the only one with a delicious knob to enjoy – or an appetite for thick, uncut cock-meat! – and before you know it it’s Lang’s offering that’s the centre of attention; before finally Keller’s pert little pucker becomes the focus and the action turns decidedly anal. Don’t for one minute think that this is all set to be your typical two-on-one escapade, however. As an out-and-out top there’s no way imaginable that Lang is gonna bottom; but with Keller and Gibson eager to get penetrated the scene is set for a succession of perfect pitches, including a three man pile-up. Top drawer, however, is always gonna be the sight of Gibson getting double-stuffed by his mates; before all three mega-horned mates take it in turn to dump oodles of deliciously pent-up baby-batter all over each other!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Final Spunky Flurry Sends These Beauts Into Skating Heaven!

    Scene 4 • Runtime: 00:00:00

    Tags: Rimming / Skaters / Smoking / Tattoos / Twinks / Uncut

    In what threatens to be both Casey Flip and Connor Rex’s swansong – the two handsome beauties are now real-life boyfriends – director, John Smith, presents one final homage to the world of young skater-boys, complete with wheels, cigarettes and (it pretty goes without saying) plenty of hard cock and spunk! Of course, the fact that you’ve got this pair of dick-loving pearls in front of the camera means that you’re pretty much assured a classic right from the off; with a brief explanation of their personal decision by Rex promptly followed by some top-notch fellatio on the part of both buddies. It’s pretty much self-explanatory at this point as to why these boys have become so insanely popular with our fans in recent times; and it’s a demonstration that only intensifies when Flip finally turns his eye to his boyfriend’s delicate little fuck-hole and begins to rim the sweet (and well-worked) pucker for all it’s worth! It’s but a rehearsal to the main event, naturally; and before you know it Flip is sliding his thick, handsome ramrod deep where it belongs – and, no doubt, where it’s going to be going much, much more in future when the cameras are no longer rolling. So savour the sight of these two fuck-angels in full rut; as Rex takes every hard inch of his lover in a whore ruck of positions, maintaining a wry smile of satisfaction with every penetrating thrust. Little wonder that both boys are soon squirting for all they’re worth; before exchanging a lengthy, spunk-laden smooch that just tells you that the lads are set to enjoy one hell of a fucking time together in private!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600
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