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    Skate Off HD

    Skate Off HD

    Release date: 20/10/2015
    Streaming price: $0.26
    Bonus Points: 15
    Download price: $44.75
    Bonus Points: 3000

    No doubt about it, skater boys are our guilty pleasure – young lads that we all know should irritate and annoy us with their love of crazy gear and hot wheels, but who never once fail to leave us reeling in lustful admiration. What’s more, the cuter they are, the more we fall under their spell! So prepare for this quiet, unacknowledged appreciation to get a whole lot more intense as Jaro Stone, Kris Blent, Leo Ocean and Pyotr Tomek don their helmets and rub down their boards – not to mention their cocks! - for an ass-stretching, ball-draining spunk-fest! Life in the skate-crew has never looked so fuckin’ appealing …

    Download: SD: 1.84 GB | HD: 4.13 GB

    Studio: Sk8 M8sDirector: John Smith
    • Jaro Stone
    • Erik Franke
    • Leo Ocean
    • Pyotr Tomek
    • Ray Mannix
    • Kris Blent
    • Calvin Rose
    Tags: / Blond Haired / 69 / Uncut / Big dick
    Scene by Scene

    Blond Cock-Lover Gets All Holes Hammered By Horny Skater Boy!

    Scene 1 • Runtime: 00:23:41

    Tags: / Big dick / Twinks / Uncut / Blond Haired / Deep Throat / 69

    We’ve all known for a little bit now as to how utterly charming young Kris Blent can be when he wants something – and let’s face it, guys, there’s nothing he ever wants more than the feel of hard, uncut cock in either his mouth or his ass! So it should come as absolutely no surprise whatsoever that he’s at his absolute provocative best when confronted by fellow skater-boy, Jaro Stone; glancing up at the Czech boy with those sapphire doe-like eyes of his, whilst simultaneously sucking on his buddy’s fingers. That a fellow of Stone’s character and reputation could ever resist such a very unsubtle invitation never comes into question, of course; so there’s absolutely no surprise at all when he pulls his dick out of his shorts, giving the cock-lusty Dutch lad the green light to strut his stuff. What’s more, Blent doesn’t disappoint! Indeed, he’s very quickly deep-throating Stone’s handsome shaft like it was the only act he was ever born to do; before the two fellows engage in a deliriously hot session of 69-ing that once again sees the blond boy giving it all he’s got with characteristic gusto. Of course, it’s pretty fucking obvious what Blent really wants by this point – and the good news for him (not to mention the rest of us!) is that he’s very soon getting it. Right between the butt cheeks!! Suffice it to say that it’s a move that clearly pleases the youngster big time, as he takes every inch of Stone’s beauty in a series of positions; before nature gets the better of him and he spews the contents of his balls mid-fuck. Leaving Stone to seal the deal with a furious spray of his own!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Skater Quits His Wheels To Take A Hard, Raw, Anal Pounding!

    Scene 2 • Runtime: 00:19:40

    Tags: / Skaters / Big dick / Tattoos / Blond Haired / Facial Cumshot / 69

    He’s as bouncy and full of life as a young puppy, but fresh-faced skaterboy, Erik Franke, appears to have lost interest in his board at the start of this horny little escapade – and no great wonder. After all, if you’d got a blond bombshell like Calvin Rose for company chances are you wouldn’t be especially bothered about life on wheels either! For the simple fact is that whilst skateboarding can be mega-fun it can never quite compete with the allure of hard cock – a fact that both these boys clearly appreciate from the off as they bound out of their shorts and start feasting on each other’s handsome ramrods. Soon the two horny little fuckers are 69-ing on the sofa like they haven’t got another care in the world; but there’s no questioning the fact that Franke’s attention is now firmly centred on the thought of getting his hot hole rudely hammered by his buddy’s aching shaft. A dream that Rose is only too willing and able to help make come true, as Franke plonks himself down on the fellow’s lap and starts riding up and down its length like a being possessed! Needless to report there doesn’t seem to be a single position that Rose doesn’t use to give the lad’s ass the stretching that it so badly needs and deserves; and it really comes as no surprise when the fellow finally reaches the point of no return and promptly explodes mid-fuck. It’s a totally understandable reaction to all that rigorous anal probing; but he’s clearly still in the mood for one last act of sexual gratification, taking a well-deserved facial courtesy of Rose’s erupting joystick. Skaterboys, it seems, get all the fun!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Two Would-Be Skaters Head Home For A Raw, Uncut Fuck-Fest!

    Scene 3 • Runtime: 00:21:32

    Tags: / Skaters / Big dick / Uncut / Blond Haired / Facial Cumshot / Dark Haired / 69

    If there’s two things that can be learned in the opening sequence of this spunky little number between ever-popular Brit boy, Leo Ocean, and his sexy Czech counterpart, Pyotr Tomek, it’s never to go skateboarding if you can’t actually skateboard and never to go walking along the inside of a railway track! After all, both these activities present varying levels of risk to life and limb; but when you’re young and carefree such risks always seem trivial. As a result, we’re treated to the sight of Ocean trying out his skills on wheels – which admittedly are seriously lacking – before the pair head home arm-in-arm without a care in the world for the trains that might run them down at any moment! Fortunately for everyone concerned, the two boys do indeed make it home safely – at which point we are duly rewarded with a fantastic duo between two of the most horny young pups on the circuit. Of course, what makes this pairing so intense is the contrast between them each. Ocean, as pale as any English lad you could ever imagine; Tomek, as tanned as the Brit is colourless! As a result, this set-piece between two Caucasian buddies almost seems interracial in tone; with Ocean once again underlining his credentials as one of the biggest cock-sluts on the planet! Why, he’s down on the Czech lad like a whore possessed; slurping on every inch of Tomek’s love-stick, before allowing the lad from Prague to quite literally fuck him in every imaginable position. All of which results in a mid-fuck jizz from Ocean; whilst Tomek squirts his multi-shot wad over his mate’s face!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Skater Boys Take An Impromptu Swim & A Ride On Raw Dick!

    Scene 4 • Runtime: 00:29:01

    Tags: / Piss / Poolside / Shaved Cock / Twinks / Uncut / Blond Haired / 69

    Kris Blent and Ray Mannix have a dilemma. Should they go off and skateboard? Or should they make the most of Blent’s father’s swimming pool? In the end, the temptation of the water simply proves too much for them – so much so, in fact, that they actually jump into the pool with all their skater clothes on! Not that the said gear stays on them for long, it must be said. Both boys are clearly well horned-up right from the off, after all; and before you know it they’re busily engaged in tearing each other’s garments off so that they can get total access to the parts that count! Suffice it to say that Blent, in particular, can’t wait to get his tight little Dutch mouth around Mannix’s handsome dipstick; slurping on its handsome length with real energy, before the two lads head poolside so that they can continue their antics out of the water. It’s at this point, of course, that the intensity of the scene steps up several notches; with both lads eagerly 69-ing on a massage-table, before Blent finally gives up to the ultimate temptation and takes every aching inch of his mate’s dick in his ass! Cue a fabulous display of wanton fornication from the blond beauty and his friend from Prague, which would surely be more than enough to satisfy even the most ardent of porn fans; but which only gets even better (if that’s possible!) when the two pals flip-flop roles. All of which not unnaturally results in both hairless buddies squirting their wads over each other. Then, as if still not satisfied, they top the performance off by taking it in turns to piss over each other as well! In short, fucking wonderful!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600
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