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    Twinks Destroyed 5 HD

    Twinks Destroyed 5 HD

    Release date: 13/10/2015
    Streaming price: $0.26
    Bonus Points: 15
    Download price: $44.75
    Bonus Points: 3000

    It takes a special type of series to reach five instalments – but as anyone who’s seen the previous four editions, that’s exactly what TWINKS DESTROYED is! No messing, this is yet another no-holds-barred romp featuring some of the biggest, baddest bastards in the STAXUS portfolio, together with some of the hottest, horniest twinks. The result – as always! – is truly unforgettable, as the likes of Tim Law and Johny Cruz get “destroyed” by the super-sized Lloyd Goldwyn and Carlos Santiago. All topped off by some terrific solos from Kris Blent, Noah Matous et al! No doubt about it, this series gets better and better!

    Download: SD: 1.99 GB | HD: 4.46 GB

    Scene by Scene

    Horny David Hanson Gets Served Every Which Way By A Thick, Meaty, Raw Black Mamba!

    Scene 1 • Runtime: 00:22:28

    Tags: Rimming / Big dick / Black Brothers / Interracial

    You could say that it was the fault of indulging in too much erotic fiction – in this instance, E.L. James’s Fifty Shades Darker – but the real reason for young David Hanson being in the mood for some hardcore action at the start of this fabulous interracial escapade is that he is (quite simply!) a horny little fucker. Indeed, the chances of Carlos Santiago escaping from his clutches when the black waiter steps into the room carrying a drink are about as slim as Hanson’s own sylph-like body! As such, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone to see the filthy-minded white boy pounce on Santiago’s crotch with the kind of gusto usually reserved for a prime-time athlete; his clear intent being to enjoy every delicious inch that the native has got stashed away in his trousers. Not that Santiago is in any way less reserved when it comes to returning the oral compliment; but it’s Hanson who remains the driving force, even to the point of giving that delicious black ass a well-deserved rimming after the two lads have enjoyed an extremely pleasurable session of 69-ing on the sofa. By this point, however, you just know that we’re barely seconds away from that hungry white fuck-hole getting the pounding of its existence courtesy of Santiago’s oversized joystick; and when the moment comes it’s almost with a gasp of relief from everyone concerned. So sit back, unzip and savour every sordid second of Hanson’s violation, as the pervy little kid rides Santiago’s raw inches like a fully paid-up bitch; culminating in him squirting like a trooper mid-fuck. By the time the black dude is creaming his arse in return, your own appreciative sticky climax will be fully guaranteed!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Tim Law Proves His Credentials (Again!) By Taking Every Inch Of Another Oversized, Uncut Cock!

    Scene 2 • Runtime: 00:22:20

    Tags: Big dick / Twinks / Boy Next Door

    Given the number of guys that Tim Law has fucked in his short life – and let’s face it, we’re talking serious figures here! – it might surprise you to know that it’s still possible for him to reproduce the youthful excitement that marked his earliest performances in front of camera. To prove it, here he is with Adrian Rivers, a slim, fresh-faced twink, whom most of us (not just Law!) would get very excited about given half the chance! Not least of all because he’s blessed with the kind of dick most guys would kill for, and which Law is very quick to expose when the two fellows settle down on a sofa to get to know each other better. Needless to say, Law isn’t content just to look at the handsome ramrod. Before you know it he’s nigh-on sucking the life out of every meaty inch on offer; then (having briefly allowed Rivers to return the compliment) plonks his ass down onto the said phallus, cowboy-style. It’s at this point, of course, that Law’s experience shines through. Many a lad would quite literally balk at the prospect of riding such a fabulous shaft. Law, in total contrast, masters the stud like a veritable pro, taking it down to the balls in pretty much no time at all! It’s a sight to behold in every sense; and the magic continues when he’s taken from behind, then finally fucked on his back, legs akimbo. Little wonder that both young chaps are soon squirting like a couple of badly-shaken bottles of pop – a fine spew of ball-juice underlining the uncomplicated pleasure that they’ve both experienced. In short, a fine demonstration of man-sex at its simplest and best!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Johny Cruz Rides Every Thick, Fat, Uncut Inch Of Dominican Dick & Laps Up Every Last Drop Of Spunk!

    Scene 3 • Runtime: 00:27:48

    Tags: Rimming / Big dick / Black Brothers / Interracial

    It’s pretty obvious from the off that the ever-horny Johny Cruz has a certain soft spot for Lloyd Goldwyn – or maybe a hard spot would be a better description? – but it’s not exactly difficult to appreciate why. Particularly when the two fellows head inside after a poolside massage session and quickly engage in some clearly much-needed “getting to know you” time. Which in this instance involves heavy smooching and (in Cruz’s case at least) whipping that monster dick of Goldwyn’s out into the open. Indeed, let’s not beat about the bush here, whilst the native Dominican is far from being an unattractive guy, it’s the oversized ramrod that he keeps stuffed inside his trunks that is by far his most noteworthy feature. A fact that obviously hasn’t escaped the attention of his over-sexed German companion, who immediately knuckles down to the task of feasting on every fabulous inch that his crotch has to offer. Indeed, if you were going to define cock-worship then Cruz’s adoration of Goldwyn’s butt-picker would arguably be a very demonstrative definition. The boy quite literally makes that fat, engorged shaft the centre of his universe, teasing and caressing every last centimetre of man-flesh that Goldwyn has to offer; and it comes as no surprise whatsoever when he tops the said adoration off by eagerly parting his legs and taking every butt-bustin’ thrust that the stud can offer. No question about it, this is a truly stupendous performance from a lad who has already proved his worth countless times over; culminating in him working every last drop from the black beast and lapping up all the sweet, sticky goo in the process. In short, five stars all round!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Model Spotlight: Pinky

    Scene 4 • Runtime: 00:05:05

    Tags: Solo Sex / Big dick / Black Brothers

    He’s the STAXUS model with the unusual nickname – but chances are you won’t be troubling yourself about the origins of that particular moniker when you see him here in this short “teaser”, playing with himself for the camera with his oversized butt-picker. In fact, we just know that all your attention is going to be centred on one thing and one thing only as the young starlet works his magic, even using it to rub up against his arse-hole at one point to underline just how magnificently proportioned it actually is. Suffice it to say that this five minute short is a teaser; but we defy anyone who loves a bit of black – and let’s face it, who doesn’t! – not to be mesmerised by Pinky’s incredible five-star performance!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Model Spotlight: Kris Blent

    Scene 5 • Runtime: 00:05:28

    Tags: / Solo Sex / Big dick / Blond Haired

    With an appetite for cock that almost defies both reason and belief, it’s pretty small wonder that Kris Blent has shot to an almost meteoric level of porn fame in pretty much next to no time. It seems that one day he was living an ordinary life in Holland, the next he was savouring every hard dick that Prague had to offer – of which (as we all know only too well) there’s plenty! Needless to say, he’s quickly – and very unsurprisingly – become a firm favourite with the Czech boys, who now seem to be literally lining up to give him the kind of raw banging that such a wild, unrepentant slut deserves! No fucking here, mind. But with that fabulous butt of his on full display, we reckon there’ll be few complaints!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Model Spotlight: Noah Matous

    Scene 6 • Runtime: 00:04:59

    Tags: / Big dick / Twinks / Blond Haired

    Having seen STAXUS exclusive, Noah Matous, pretty much suck and fuck every cock in Prague – or so it seems! – it’s quite refreshing to see the kid kick back on one of his lazy days and enjoy a bit of time to himself. Cue a fantastic jerk-off solo that sees the boy proudly showing off every beautiful inch of his body – ultimately culminating in him stripping off his Pump briefs and working that gorgeous, uncut cock of his for all that it’s worth. Pity the poor person who has to clean off the mirror afterwards; but savour every tremendous, ball-busting minute of one of the Czech Republic’s finest doing what he does best. It may be comparatively short, it may be a solo – but boy, this boy will make you squirt!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Model Spotlight: Ray Mannix

    Scene 7 • Runtime: 00:04:48

    Tags: Solo Sex / Big dick / Twinks

    With his cheeky grin and his boyish Tintin looks, it’s no great wonder that Ray Mannix has stolen the hearts of fans all over the world in pretty much next to no time. Mind, it’s an obsession that’s only going to get a damn sight worse once this breathtaking solo has hit the net – the horny little buddy brazenly showing off all his wares for all to see, having stripped off his Barcode briefs to expose that beautiful, uncut, shavedshaft of his. It’s a sight that’ll have aficionados drooling en-masse; and the cravings will only intensify as the lad engages in a little foreskin play, rubbing his foreskin over his bell-end until the inevitable occurs and he eagerly jerks out a delicious wad of the finest Czech boy-batter!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Behind The Scenes

    Scene 8 • Runtime: 00:11:00

    Tags: Solo Sex / Big dick / Black Brothers / Blond Haired / Interracial

    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600
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