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    He’s Making The Grade HD

    He’s Making The Grade HD

    Release date: 29/08/2014
    Streaming price: $0.21
    Bonus Points: 15
    Download price: $29.75
    Bonus Points: 2000

    The boys and teachers in this school can't resist their desires for each other. The sexual tension is about to burst and a torrent of sucking and fucking is going to start when it does. See the sensual sucking and screwing that unfolds when they let all that sexuality loose. Boys are fucking boys and cumming hard. Teachers are getting head and boning asshole. The cuties want good grades, the teachers want to get laid and everyone goes home happy and exhausted.

    Download: 3.46 GB

    Scene by Scene

    Scene 1

    Scene 1 • Runtime: 00:21:34

    Tags: / Big dick / Twinks / Uncut / College Boys

    The lesson plan is set but will soon be ignored in a scene with Andy Kay and Maddox Johnson. The young teacher and teen have always gotten along marvelously and are ready to take their relationship to the next level. They've both had homosexual tendencies but are exploring them for the first time here. It's a pretty brazen move to do this on a desk in a classroom, but who cares? It's all about the heat of the moment and the heat is definitely pumpin' here. Dicks get sucked, asses get fucked, and so much more happens. Don't blink or you may miss out on all the delicious gay action that transpires.
    Download price: $6.75
    Bonus Points: 400

    Scene 2

    Scene 2 • Runtime: 00:12:27

    Tags: / Big dick / Twinks / Boy Next Door / College Boys / Ball Play

    Student Phillip Ashton isn't very good at tests or quizzes, but he's great at oral reports. The young teach Tyler Dawsen is obsessed with his student's little twinky body and sweet ass. Finally he gets a shot to give this guy a whirl. The student has a big long dick that's just aching to be sucked. In return for a good grade, a cock sucking is definitely in order. This scene features crazy action against the black board as well as on the teacher's desk. What more could you want from these two hot horny studs?
    Download price: $6.75
    Bonus Points: 400

    Scene 3

    Scene 3 • Runtime: 00:15:31

    Tags: / Solo Sex / Big dick / Threesome / Twinks / Uncut / College Boys

    The classroom is empty except for Maddox Johnson and Spencer London who have to stay late for detention. The lesson today isn't History or Math: it's sex! Sexy guys can do things to each other without women being around to please them. Watch these two hot teen studs turn into twinks in the blink of an eye. They suck off the teacher, Braden Phoenix, and some fucking starts immediately after. Soon there are three large hard cocks on your screen, each of which is aching to be stroked band sucked and so much more. Can you handle this sexy anatomy lesson or not?
    Download price: $6.75
    Bonus Points: 400

    Scene 4

    Scene 4 • Runtime: 00:10:29

    Tags: / Big dick / Twinks / Uncut / Boy Next Door

    This kid, Atlanta Grey, is 18 and totally horny. He spends his time afterschool drawing naked pictures of his idol, drama teacher Braden Phoenix. When the teacher catches him, he takes advantage of the teen's devotion. Soon the young man has his ass spread and there's a lollipop going in and out of his crack. The teacher doesn't let him go just yet. He needs to feel his tight ass against his dick before he's totally satisfied. This heated first time sex scene is not something you should miss. You know for sure the student will never forget this experience!
    Download price: $6.75
    Bonus Points: 400

    Scene 5

    Scene 5 • Runtime: 00:20:44

    Tags: / Big dick / Twinks / Uncut / Boy Next Door / Long Hair

    These two twinks are both named Kaiden and they're both ready to get off. Watch as Kaiden Ertelle and Kayden Daniels get all heated after a long day at school. They met up to study but other things happened instead. You don't want to know which restaurant they're at because they totally defile the place! No one is there but the two of them and they're ready for some serious ass fucking action with a lot of cum!
    Download price: $6.75
    Bonus Points: 400
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