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    Bend Me Over

    Bend Me Over

    Release date: 16/05/2014
    Streaming price: $0.21
    Bonus Points: 15
    Download price: $39.75
    Bonus Points: 2000

    Bend me over and go me right!

    Download: 1.85 GB

    Studio: Dirty FuckersDirector: Vlado Iresch
    • Aaron Jeffries
    • Alan Capier
    • Carl Baxter
    • Charles Sadler
    • Clode Volf
    • Dan Westworth
    • Eamon August
    • Falco White
    • Garry Brinkman
    • Jack Blue
    • Jeoshua Black
    • Neil Cross
    • Nick Deniels
    • Timothy Nixon
    • Tom Hyde
    Tags: / Twinks / Rimming / Piss / Uncut
    Scene by Scene

    Scene 1

    Scene 1 • Runtime: 00:18:42

    Tags: / Rimming / Skaters / Big dick / Tattoos / Twinks / Cum Swallowing

    They might not be professional skaters, but when it comes to proving their merits in front of the camera there’s few to compare to Christian Elliot and Jack Blue – two dark-haired beauties, whose passion for hot cock becomes apparent almost from the very moment that they start to kiss and cavort. Blue, in particular, can’t wait to get his lips wrapped firmly around his mate’s meaty shaft – and who the fuck can blame him? Neither does he seem to show any less enthusiasm for the prospect of banging away at Elliot’s pert backside – indeed, it’s no time at all before that’s exactly what he’s doing, pushing every raw inch of man-meat deep inside so that his low-hanging balls are bashing against his friend with almost mechanical rhythm! Little wonder that Elliot can’t hold back from pumping out a thick, heavy load in appreciation; although the ultimate accolade goes to Blue, who forces his pal down onto his knees so that he can squirt the entire contents of his nads all over his face. No question about it, Blue’s been saving that load up for days – a predicament unlikely to be repeated with our viewers, who’ll be spurting buckets with every single viewing!
    Download price: $9.75
    Bonus Points: 400

    Scene 2

    Scene 2 • Runtime: 00:25:22

    Tags: / Piss / Rimming / Spit Roasting / Twinks / Uncut / Cum in Arse / Emo / Facial Hair / Group Sex

    The final scene sees events turn full circle, as the action returns to the bar for another group effort – on this occasion focusing on the “Emo-esque” talents of blond cock-hunter, Nick Deniels. Fact is, he’s gagging to be at the receiving end of some wicked dick action, right from the moment he walks into the room and provocatively whips his knob out to piss on a nearby coffee-table. It’s an act that (quite rightly) gains the full ire of the other boys in the room (Falco White, Clode Volf, Tom Hyde and Carl Baxter), who immediately force the fellow to the floor and vent their fury by drenching his face with the golden nectar. For Volf and Baxter, however, there’s still plenty of fun to be had even after the last drops of piss have been spilled, as they force Deniels down onto a nearby sofa and begin to give his body the sort of attention that it richly deserves. Volf, as always, is a fantastically passionate top, and neither he nor the comely Baxter is satisfied until their prey is being spit-roasted at the end of their meaty, uncut cocks. It’s the kind of spunk-inducing show that’ll have you jerking on your own rods like fury – not least of all when Volf spurts over Deniels’ face and Baxter unburdens his heavy load into the young bottom’s ass! In a word, magic!
    Download price: $9.75
    Bonus Points: 400

    Scene 3

    Scene 3 • Runtime: 00:07:03

    Tags: / Military Sex / Piss / Shower / Blond Haired / Army

    Being around men all day and all night leaves some young recruits feeling hornier than they can possibly stand – a predicament that Charles Sadler and Aaron Jeffries find themselves in when they take to the shower-room to clean themselves down. Indeed, these two lads have barely had chance to strip off before they’re gorging off each other’s meaty knobs. Not that that’s ever gonna be enough for blond-haired Jeffries, who before long is bouncing up and down on Sadler’s raw cock like a cowboy on acid. Ultimately, however, one can’t help feel that it’s Sadler, with his dark cropped hair and penchant for cum, who ultimately steals the scene, not least of all by taking a mouthful of sperm from his partner but also by allowing Jeffries to piss all over him afterwards. Magic!
    Download price: $9.75
    Bonus Points: 400

    Scene 4

    Scene 4 • Runtime: 00:21:34

    Tags: / Piss / Rimming / Blond Haired / Doctors / Facial Cumshot / Group Sex

    There are some who would argue that medical assistant, Alan Capier, has got the dream job – and this scene is living proof to that assertion. After all, not only does he get to examine some of the cutest twinks ever to walk this planet, but he also manages to check out some of the hot guys who come and visit those lads when they’re cooped up in hospital. What’s more, it’s an aspect of his job that he undertakes with obvious relish. All that said, he’s clearly blatantly unaware of the effect that his duties have on his patients, leaving the assembled threesome (Dan Westworth, Garry Brinkman and Falco White) to engage in a sordid threesome without him. His loss, however, is most definitely the viewer’s gain, as the horny three get down to some very serious appreciation of each other’s cocks, culminating in a fantastic spit-roasting and a now-trademark facial for Falco White. No doubt about it, this is one young lad who just lives for the taste of spunk, slurping the jizz down like it’s the very elixir of youth!
    Download price: $9.75
    Bonus Points: 400

    Scene 5

    Scene 5 • Runtime: 00:23:35

    Tags: / Spit Roasting / Twinks / Uncut / College Boys / Facial Cumshot / Locker room

    Super-slut, Jeoshua Black, steps into the limelight, and that means only one thing – namely that there’s a serious risk of wrist-injury for anyone watching! So be warned: this is a stupendously charged scene, as Vlado Iresch takes you into the locker-room of your dreams and proves in the process (once again) just how much young Black was born for cock! Ironically enough, however, the horny filly begins the scene trying desperately to study, but what chance of that in a place like this? Indeed, the successive arrival of Eamon August, Neil Cross and Timothy Nixon pushes any thought of cerebral exercise firmly into the long grass, with each boy whipping out his juicy, uncut shaft and demanding that Black gives it his fullest attention. Which, to the lad’s utmost credit, he does. The result is everything you would wish for and more, with Black tossed around like a fuck-doll and ultimately spit-roasted and splattered with cream! If this doesn’t get you off big time then maybe you’re watching the wrong type of porn!
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