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    More! HD

    Release date: 05/03/2013
    Streaming price: $0.21
    Bonus Points: 15
    Download price: $44.75
    Bonus Points: 3000

    It’s fisting fun all the way as Skylar Blu, Aaron Aurora et al prove they’ve got what it takes to take everything that their knuckle-clenched buddies can give! And believe us, their mates don’t hold back any punches when it comes to seeing just how much their ass-holes can swallow. Sex toys and big dicks, not to mention inquisitive tongues and fingers ... these tight twink-holes open up time and time again for your intimate pleasure courtesy of some of the cutest, horniest twinks that porn can offer. Your cum (and oodles of it) is guaranteed!!

    Download: 4.41 GB

    Scene by Scene

    Skylar Blu’s Fisting Frenzy Leaves His Hole Worked & Full Of Jizz!

    Scene 1 • Runtime: 00:27:09

    Tags: / Threesome / Twinks / Uncut / Underwear / Cum in Arse / Fisting

    With their kinky leather cock-pouches and their mischievous grins, it’s pretty obvious from the off that this fine trio of beauties (comprising of STAXUS stalwarts, Damian Dickey and Tim Law, along with Brit-babe, Skylar Blu) is collectively primed for a whole load of hardcore fun. What isn’t so obvious during the opening moments, however, is just how extreme that fun is going to be! That said, Dickey for one has never been reticent when it comes to the task of pushing hot young twinks to their limit, and it’s no surprise that he quickly establishes himself as the centrepiece to proceedings, allowing Blu and Law to take turns to slurp on his knob whilst he himself lies back and savours their efforts. A few minutes later and that same cock is burying itself deep into Law’s eager fuck-hole, followed by a similarly enthused visit inside Blu’s hungry pucker. But it’s what follows – more specifically Blu’s fisting, courtesy of Law – that ultimately marks this scene out. That, and the fact that Dickey and Law finally take turns to spunk over their pal’s well-worked hole and then bury their dicks to the hilt to push the jizz inside. All totally raw, all utterly perverse!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Twink Anal Explorations!

    Scene 2 • Runtime: 00:26:04

    Tags: / Rimming / Tattoos / Twinks / Dildo / Facial Cumshot / 69

    Deliciously romantic and sumptuously filmed, we join horny twink boys Milan Sharp and Xander Hollis as they share an intimate night in bed. Xander shows off some rather special moves as he works his friends boner in some interesting deepthroat oral, but some more traditional positions allow for a great view as the boys lick and slurp on each other. Xander's tight little butt is perfectly positioned as he straddles the slim frame of his lover, and with just a little manoeuvring Milan's lengthy raw tool is sliding up inside him for an exquisite ride that has the boy throwing his head back and stroking his own solid shaft! With a little rimming, Milan's twitching opening welcomes the throbbing inches of Xander's meat pole and he gets a deep thrusting from the boy in return, but their anal explorations have only just begun... A rather large dildo is soon in play, stretching out Milan's smooth little butt as he gasps with pleasure. But the clear plug is what Xander really wants to try. With his hole open and a perfect view of his interior, Milan shows off his most private place for his lover to enjoy, and all that excitement soon takes both boys to the edge of cumming, unloading their delicious juices for each other in a mess of mutual cum facials!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Fucked, Fisted & Pushed To The Utter Cum-Soaked Limit!

    Scene 3 • Runtime: 00:25:08

    Tags: / Twinks / Anal Toys / Blond Haired / Facial Cumshot / Jockstrap / Dark Haired

    They might come from different sides of Europe, with varying traditions and customs, but there’s always been a distinctly universal language between boys like Aaron Aurora and Brad Fitt – and believe us, it’s one that you’re pick up in no time at all. No need for words, after all – just slip out of your pants and get sucking on hard dick! Indeed, linguistics are definitely in short supply between this pair of moody teens; and before you know it Aurora is bouncing up and down on his pen-pal’s lap, his jockstrap barely pushed to one side as Fitt digs deep for glory. Fitt’s fun is only just beginning, however. Playing host to proceedings, he’s clearly determined to see how far he can push the Brit-boy, and having banged hard at Aurora’s ass with his dick he’s soon using his fingers to see how far the lad can be stretched. So begins an utterly breathtaking romp of hardcore fisting and toy-play, which culminates in Aurora having his balls pulled and yanked as if they were made of rubber! Little wonder that the lad is so hyper-charged by the time that Fitt blows his load all over his face; leaving him to spew over his own belly in one final, brilliant, speechless crescendo! Ace!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600

    Horny Twink Fucks His Mate’s Ass Raw, Then Gets Fisted For Fun!

    Scene 4 • Runtime: 00:24:17

    Tags: / Twinks / Blond Haired / Fisting

    With his auburn hair and his slightly impish looks, young Alexander Syden looks the very picture of innocent perfection – the kind of boy who would never for one moment think of doing anything improper. But as this scene with Tim Walker demonstrates, looks can be dangerously deceptive, for the fact of the matter is that Syden is a veritable whore when it comes to cock and a guy who becomes almost uncontrollable at the thought of having his ass stretched to the utmost by some insatiable fist! In this instance provided by Walker – a fellow whose own libido is questionable frenetic. Indeed, the scene is barely a few minutes old before Walker is rubbing his rump against Syden’s dick; and having enjoyed being rimmed and fingered by Syden he’s soon taking every inch of cock for real. In many ways, however, this is the red-head’s scene; and having pleasured his mate big-style it’s soon time for Syden to part his legs and take everything that Walker can muster in his cannon. A cock, a hand – super-slut Syden opens up for it all, and sprays a handsome wad of jizz in appreciation. It’s left only for Walker to spew into the power-bottom’s mouth to call it a wrap!
    Download price: $11.00
    Bonus Points: 600
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