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    Raw School Scandal

    Raw School Scandal

    Release date: 25/02/2013
    Streaming price: $0.14
    Bonus Points: 15
    Download price: $39.75
    Bonus Points: 2000

    Schooldays have always been said to be the best of your life, but were they ever as much fun as here? These horny, sex-starved guys put their books down and the dicks up in this super twink bareback fantasy. Lessons are barely over and the lads are sucking and fucking like real pros, with crazy cum-spurting action getting top marks time and time again. So relive those halcyon days in the company of some of the filthiest, cutest twinks in the schoolyard and get ready to pump wad after wad of creamy appreciation!

    Download: 1.85 GB

    Studio: RawDirector: John Smith
    • Brad Fitt
    • Neo Matthews
    • Connor Levi
    • Xander Hollis
    • Milan Sharp
    • Kamyk Walker
    • Tim Walker
    • MacKenzie Cross
    Tags: / Twinks / Uniform / Rimming / Tattoos
    Scene by Scene

    Two Horny Students Fuck The Jizz Out Of Each Other Bareback-Style!

    Scene 1 • Runtime: 00:25:09

    Tags: / Rimming / Twinks / Uncut / Uniform / Blond Haired / Facial Cumshot / Ball Sucking / 69

    Young Milan Sharp has clearly never been the best of scholars, despite all the keenest efforts of his teachers at the STAXUS Academy, but there’s one subject that always gains his attention – and you won’t be at all surprised to learn that it’s the study of the human anatomy. More specifically, the male form – a study that he’s only too eager and willing to demonstrate here in the company of fellow cock-lover, Neo Matthews. To his credit, Matthews vainly tries to maintain his attention on his work in the face of every distraction that Sharp can muster; but once his pal has got his hands firmly wrapped round that aching dick of his there’s pretty much nothing Matthews can do to resist. Indeed, before you know it both schoolboys are taking it in turns to feast on each other’s cocks; before Sharp rounds on Matthews’ ass for an almost textbook demonstration on how to rim such a bubble-shaped beauty. At which point, the tables are turned and Matthews thrusts that long, condom-free schlong of his deep into Sharp’s rump, banging his pal over the desk like a common slut and fuckin’ the jizz out of him in the process. By the time Sharp gets a facial in return you’ll be well creamed!
    Download price: $9.75
    Bonus Points: 400

    Two Cum-Shots Apiece From This Pair Of Bareback School Fuckers!

    Scene 2 • Runtime: 00:24:13

    Tags: / Rimming / Solo Sex / Tattoos / Twinks / Uniform / Voyeur

    Like most boys his age, Tim Walker would much rather look at a porn mag and have a good wank than do school work, so it should really come as no surprise at all to Xander Hollis when he interrupts his pal tugging on his knob beneath his desk. For a few moments Hollis savours the moment, watching from the sidelines as Walker works every inch of that handsome dick of his; but it’s not very long before temptation gets the better of the student and he’s down on his knees, literally sucking the jizz out of Walker’s balls. A surprisingly early climax that’s followed immediately by Hollis jerking his own generous wad for (and on!) the camera. Don’t worry though, both sets of nads on show in this scene have more than enough cream inside them to ensure the performance continues, and before you know it the lads are lining themselves up for a further display of top-notch dick worship. Followed by some stupendous ass-rimming; before the pair take turns to pummel each other’s fuck-holes over a desk. It’s totally raw, it’s utterly debauched and filthy – and it’s no feckin’ wonder that both lads spew a second time in the ensuing fray. In short, a ball-bustin’ cum-fest in every sense!
    Download price: $9.75
    Bonus Points: 400

    Forget Fuckin’ Homework, These Horny, Cum-Lovin’ Students Are Too Busy Fucking!

    Scene 3 • Runtime: 00:18:32

    Tags: / Tattoos / Twinks / Uniform / Dark Haired

    Boys playing truant? Surely a responsible company such as ours shouldn’t be encouraging such behaviour! But who doesn’t remember what it was like to be a horny teenager, with a body filled with raging hormones and a mind that just couldn’t think of anything other than the next hot fuck ...?! So whilst we all know that Connor Levi and MacKenzie Cross should be back at the chalk-face stretching their brain cells, we can also totally understand why they’ve headed off home for a very carnal lunchtime workout that’ll see Cross’ ass-hole stretched like never before! To begin with, mind, there’s a great deal of mutual cock-worship to be enjoyed, as the lads train their attention on the sizeable tools found nestling beneath their school uniforms. It’s not too long, however, before Cross is allowing his natural urges and instincts to take over, sliding down on Levi’s raw knob and riding it like a total bitch on heat. Thereafter it’s a case of the youngster getting ass-banged like never before – the sound of Levi’s balls slapping against his ass only adding to the excitement – before both lads rupture their nads like geysers. Skiving from class rarely looks so much fun!
    Download price: $9.75
    Bonus Points: 400

    Flip-Flop School-Time Playmates Get All Fucked & Spunked Out!

    Scene 4 • Runtime: 00:28:22

    Tags: / Rimming / Twinks / Uniform / Blond Haired

    Perhaps it’s because he’s such a horny little fucker, but cute twink Brad Fitt never seems to run short of attraction from other pert beauties – be he in school uniform or out! On this particular occasion, however, he’s supporting a distinctly teenage look, as he teams up with fellow blond beauty, Kamyk Walker, for the kind of anatomy lesson that ought to be made compulsory for everyone in education. Not that either of these lads appear to be in need of any tuition when it comes to handling dick, as the pair each display a level of keen proficiency from the very start; but practice, as they say, makes perfect, and Walker in particular can’t wait to display his oral skills on Fitt’s hairless cock and ass. Needless to say it’s not long before Fitt is showing off his own abilities – an exercise ultimately cut short by Walker’s determination to bury his ramrod deep inside his pal’s already over-experienced pucker. Cue a magnificent flip-flop fuck-fest that sees both hungry asses get stretched to the limit; before Walker blasts home over his own chest and Fitt spurts right over his mate’s belly to coat the lad’s face with copious amounts of pent-up, gooey nectar. Magnificent!
    Download price: $9.75
    Bonus Points: 400
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