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    Release date: 31/01/2013
    Download price: $49.75
    Bonus Points: 3000

    Here's 2001's Treasure Island Video for Summer: I've put together ninety solid minutes of hot raw fucking and sucking with (seriously!) some of the hottest men and biggest and most beautiful dicks I've ever worked with. I'm calling this one: PLOWED!

    Download: 1.86 GB

    Scene by Scene

    Scene 1

    Scene 1 • Runtime: 00:00:00

    Tags: / Studs / Big dick / Tattoos

    JESSE and MICK, two young men who've been fucking together for months. Out of the blue they call me up and ask if I'd like to tape one of their primal fuck sessions. I said ... well, you can probably guess what I said! JESSE is a wild-man, tattoo'd and a total top, blessed with a big fat log of a cock. "I thank my dad for two things in this life. And this is one of them," he told me, hefting his enormous cock. MICK is a hot-blooded bottom who has one of the sexiest and hungriest asses I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot. Together, they fuck like - well, like lust-crazed men on a hot summer day. If you love watching masterful cocksmanship, you'll love watching JESSE at work. He plays MICK's ass, torturing, pounding, teasing and plowing him until MICK can't decide whether to moan, cry or scream. This is the scene I'm naming the video after because this hole gets powerfully PLOWED and SEEDED! They fuck in every conceivable position - JESSE's cock knows exactly what MICK's little cumhole needs and wants, all it's secret spots. This is undirected, unedited and pure. Be forewarned: you'll have to pace yourself as you watch it. Even I got worn out - you'll hear me ask them for a break. MICK's cumhole gets teased, rimmed, fucked, pounded, brutalized mercilessly until it wins it's prize: a great big milky cumload shot deep inside. As JESSE was about to shoot he said, "Let the lads at home see the first shot!" So he squirts first for the camera, and then buries his bone deep inside MICK, unloading a quart of cum in that hungry ass.

    Scene 2

    Scene 2 • Runtime: 00:00:00

    Tags: / Studs / Cock Ring / Cum in Arse

    BILLY and TOM, and a royal working-over. BILLY BOYD is a hot bottom and one of the cutest guys in SanFran these days. TOM SHANNON, our Treasure Island exclusive, puts BILLY through his paces: rimming him, fucking him, feeding BILLY his big ol' fat cock for sucking, then fucking him some more - you get the idea. If you love TOM and like to see him play with a willing young victim, you'll like this. Oh yeah - TOM decided to make a lake of his cum right on BILLY's beautiful hole before fucking all his cock-juice right back into the boy's cum-hungry hole. When he's finished, TOM lays back exhausted and BILLY keeps scooping cum out of his ass and eating it. We may be seeing more of BILLY BOYD - I like his taste!

    Scene 3

    Scene 3 • Runtime: 00:00:00

    Tags: / Studs / Big dick / Hunk

    MICHAEL and CHRIS, and a HOT change of pace. I paired porn great MICHAEL BRANDON (his cock is aptly nicknamed "Monster") with legendary CHRIS McKENZIE (your favorite cum-eater from SWALLOW ... MORE) for a cocksucking / cum-eating session. These two hadn't met before: they took one look at each other, and all I had to do was stay out of their way. CHRIS is mesmerized by MICHAEL's truly awesome cock, and only takes it out of his mouth so his can stick his tongue up MICHAEL's hot asshole. In no time, CHRIS works a load out of Monster, er ... I mean MICHAEL ("I want what you got in those balls, bro!!") and swallows down every drop. Then he feeds MICHAEL a big thick load of his own cock-juice. And MICHAEL, still totally turned-on, kisses CHRIS to taste the flavor of their mingling loads. And this sends him over the top again! CHRIS, needless to say, laps up and savors every last delicious drop of Monster's second cumload ...

    Scene 4

    Scene 4 • Runtime: 00:00:00

    Tags: / Studs / Big dick / Facial Cumshot

    SCOTT and TITPIG, making MICK's wishes come true - TWICE over. A week after shooting the first scene in this video, I was about to shoot a duo scene with TITPIG and his bud, SCOTT (a very hot and hung porn veteran). Out of the blue I got a call from MICK (from the 1st SCENE above) who asked if there was any way I could get him fucked again soon! So I took a chance and invited him over. TITPIG and SCOTT took one look and jumped MICK. Juices flowed, MICK's hole sucked up first SCOTT's hard cock and then TITPIG's fat choda (with the huge PA). But as much as he was loving it, he wanted more. So he pushed the two tops into position and got himself double-fucked from here to heaven and back. It's so good for him, and so intense, that he shoots his sperm without even getting hard! TITPIG, of course, voraciously eats up the bottom-boy's sperm. And then SCOTT and TITPIG take turns shooting their loads onto MICK's open asshole, massaging the sperm deep into the loose man-hole, until TITPIG slips in for a nice sperm-lubed slide.
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