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    Doubled Up!

    Doubled Up!

    Release date: 10/12/2012
    Streaming price: $0.14
    Bonus Points: 15
    Download price: $39.75
    Bonus Points: 2000

    These British and Czech lads just don't care as long as the action is hard and dirty! Watch a super cute Geordie twink taking a fist dong up his arse and hot wax all over his balls until he shoots a creamy load. Two great DPs follow with Kevin Ateah showing how much he loves a good stretch and Skylar Blu showing that anything Kevin does - he does it better! Watch some brutal action as Tim Law gets wrapped in cling film and hard fucked by Felix Webster!

    Download: 1.72 GB

    Scene by Scene

    Scene 1

    Scene 1 • Runtime: 00:21:49

    Tags: / Shaved Cock / Threesome / Twinks / Uncut / Blond Haired / Cum in Arse / Double Penetration / Facial Cumshot / Ball Sucking

    Most of us have fantasised at some point about getting some horny, cutesome twink as a birthday present – either for ourselves or maybe even for someone that we love – but for lucky Timmy Taylor it turns out to be a dream-cum-true, as Skylar Blu introduces his horny lover to Eric Winterfield, a blond stud who’s only got one thing on his mind! Needless to say, there’s very little small-talk as the gift puts himself to use – sitting down between Taylor and Blu and allowing the two boyfriends to take turns to slurp on his meaty, uncut cock. Mind, we’ve suspicions that Blu’s apparent generosity may not have been quite as altruistic as it first appears, given the almost unrivalled enthusiasm which he himself displays during the course of this spunky threesome. Indeed, it’s not long before the young Brit slut is offering his hungry little pucker to both Taylor and Winterfield – the kind of kinky invitation that neither Czech lad is ever likely to refuse! It’s the signal for the start of a fabulous double-penetration romp that’ll have you jerking off like crazy, culminating in a veritable cascade of spunk that literally leaves Blu dripping from both ends. Totally filthy and indescribably hot!
    Download price: $9.75
    Bonus Points: 400

    Scene 2

    Scene 2 • Runtime: 00:23:22

    Tags: / BDSM / Shaved Arse / Underwear / Facial Cumshot

    With his fresh-faced, “innocent” smile and his lithe, delicate frame, who could possibly resist the charms of young Drake Law? Certainly not Neo Matthews, that’s for fuckin’ certain. Not that he’s gonna be left unspoilt for very long once Matthews has had his way. Before you know it, the guy has tempted Law out of his jeans and is working the brightly coloured pair of briefs that he discovers underneath off the boy as well. Needless to say, once Matthews has induced the removal of that final line of defence it’s pretty much plain sailing for the horny top, who then proceeds to slurp on Law’s neatly shaved cock almost like a being possessed. Mind, if Law thinks that Matthews is gonna now be content with just a bit of oral stimulation then he’s in for a major surprise. Cue a rather kinky turn of events as Matthews proceeds to pour hot wax on the cutie’s tight balls and to thrust an arguably oversized dildo up the boy’s tight ass. Any remaining sense that Law is a wide-eyed innocent by this stage has certainly been totally dispelled by this point; and indeed by the time that Matthews jerks a fine wad of jizz into the boy’s face you’ll be left with one conclusion – Law is a total slut!
    Download price: $9.75
    Bonus Points: 400

    Scene 3

    Scene 3 • Runtime: 00:20:40

    Tags: / Twinks / Uncut / Bondage / Dark Haired

    In reality, being subjected to a date-drug and then finding yourself bound in polythene is not something that would appeal to the vast majority of guys, but in this fantasy escapade it’s very much a dream-cum-true for young Tim Law – a sweet-faced beauty who’s clearly up for anything! Ironically, however, things begin in almost mundane fashion for these two horny twinks, with Law slurping away on Felix Webster’s pecker like the complete whore that we know he is. Such niceties come to an abrupt conclusion, however, when the fun takes a somewhat twisted turn – Webster incapacitating his fuck-buddy, taking total command of the situation in the process. As a result, Law’s contribution to this perverse little number is essentially passive from this point on; his freedom only slowly regained as Webster works the boy up towards a hard, uncompromising fuck! To his credit, however, Law clearly savours every single inch of bare dick that Webster thrusts in his direction, eventually blasting a fine spray of jizz whilst riding his pal cowboy-style; before Webster jerks a breathtaking wad all over his own belly. Altogether, a kinky display from a pair of hot little fuckers!
    Download price: $9.75
    Bonus Points: 400

    Scene 4

    Scene 4 • Runtime: 00:23:57

    Tags: / Spit Roasting / Threesome / Twinks / Uncut / Double Penetration / Dark Haired

    We’re never precisely told what young Kevin Ateah’s alleged crime is – other than being a friggin’ filthy bastard, of course! – but we very much doubt that any of you horny fuckers out there will care. Whatever the exact nature of his misdemeanours, however, he sure as hell catches the attention of police officers Neo Matthews and Joye Dorantez, who are soon forcing the cutesome twink to give head on their two aching cocks. To his credit, Ateah responds to their assertions with characteristic enthusiasm; and as a result it’s not long before Dorantez is forcing his thick truncheon deep into the boy’s man-cunt. It’s a move that seems only to send Ateah into an even hornier frenzy than before; and it comes as absolutely no surprise at all when the action turns duplicate and the fellow has two cocks pounding his ass at the same time. The way he rides those dicks simultaneous really does has to be seen to be believed, and it’s only fitting that the two tops spray fabulous wads of hot jizz all over the lad’s lithe frame at the scene’s conclusion. All in all, a truly terrific, cum-inducing escapade – a performance that’ll have you flicking the rewind button time and time again!
    Download price: $9.75
    Bonus Points: 400
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