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    Chavs Vs Hoodies

    Chavs Vs Hoodies

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    Having taken on the Skaterboys, those hot and horny Chavs turn their attention to the so-called menace of our streets – the Hoodies! When they’re not mugging old ladies and being chased by the police, these bad-boy Hoodies are clearly after one thing and one thing only: hard cock! And the bigger the better. What’s more, they don’t care where they get it – both indoors and out! Lucky for them that the Chavs are more than willing (and equipped) to satisfy ...

    Studio: BritladzDirector: Michael Burling
    • Luckas Layton
    • Evan Zero
    • Scott Carey
    • Chad Chambers
    • McKenzie Cross
    • Leo Foxx
    • Lucas Harvey
    • Jesse Magowan
    • Karl Martin
    • James Radford
    Scene by Scene

    Scene 1

    Scene 1 • Runtime: 00:21:35

    Tags: / Tattoos / Twinks / Blond Haired / Outdoor Sex

    Out in the woods, one young, bottle-blond hoodie is forced to his knees by his chavish counterpart and made to do what we know all hoodies love to do: suck cock! Not that the chav seems to have any particular aversion to the practice, it must be said. At the first opportunity the cap-wearing troublemaker has his lips wrapped firmly around the hoodie’s knob-end and is giving the meaty organ a real good work-out! That said, it’s clear that the chav’s ultimate ambition here is to get his dick working in and out of the hoodie’s ass – an aim that he achieves with remarkable ease given the young bottom’s initial resistance. Cue a stupendous open-air ball-banging session that’ll have all you fans of Britain’s sub-culture straining on the end of your cocks and gasping for the sight of fresh teen cum hitting the autumn leaves below! Fear not, however. It’s not long before that’s exactly what happens; with the chav producing a truly magnificent blow-out of hot sticky cum all over the hoodie’s arse before making a quick exit.

    Scene 2

    Scene 2 • Runtime: 00:25:46

    Tags: / Spit Roasting / Tattoos / Threesome / Twinks

    So what do you reckon happens when you put a horny chav in the same police cell as a couple of randy hoodies? Will the animals fight? Will they mate? Well, it’s a question that’s been bothering us for some time, and as such as just had to trial this curious threesome to get an answer for ourselves. Initially, said the introduction appears to produce a few sparks – the chav naturally trying to display signs of dominance, before the hoodies clearly put the fellow in his place by thrusting their straining crotches into his face. It’s a move that immediately gets the kind of response that the hoodies were no doubt looking for, as the chav slips his mouth around each of their knobs in turn; whilst some deep-throating on the part of the hoodies underlines that the sexual urges on display are completely mutual. Indeed, it’s not long before all three lads are stark-bollock naked and engaging in a spit-roasting frenzy that you’re just gonna love. What’s more, the action’s topped off with a full-on facial and oodles of hot jizz!

    Scene 3

    Scene 3 • Runtime: 00:19:12

    Tags: / Twinks / Blond Haired / Outdoor Sex

    It’s off in the car to the country for this couple of filthy-minded youngsters, but don’t worry they’re don’t have any intention of wasting their time looking at the wildlife or savouring the fresh air. Indeed, they haven’t even stepped outside the vehicle before the chav has slipped his thick, aching cock out of his trackies and is forcing the hoodie’s head down into his crotch! Needless to say, his counterpart shows no sign of any reluctance at the prospect of having to feast on all that meat; nor does the hoodie make any attempt to try to escape when the chav bundles him out of the car and makes him suck cock over the bonnet! In truth, of course, this youngster is simply proving what we’ve all long-since suspected – that hoodies were just born to be cock-hungry pigs, who love nothing better than to take it up the arse! A point that’s underlined when the chav forces that meaty rod of his deep inside the hoodie’s hungry crack. Cue a mind-blowing alfresco spunk-fest that’ll have you spurting like a young whore!

    Scene 4

    Scene 4 • Runtime: 00:22:27

    Tags: / Tattoos / Twinks / Dark Haired

    It’s a sad fact but there’s a great many folk who genuinely believe that chavs are nothing more than thieving, opportunistic na’er-do-wells who love to go around breaking into other people’s properties so that they don’t have to bother actually getting a job like everyone else. It’s a somewhat caricatured view, of course – and it’s one that’s likely only to be underlined further by this scene. That said, this particular chav does at least present us with his kind’s other great love in life, as a young hoodie interrupts the robbery and quickly finds that his ass plays a very high price! Before the hoodie knows it, the intruder has found a very comfortable home deep inside his bowels and is pounding away at his rump like an animal on heat. All that said, our hoodie friend doesn’t appear to display any sign of disliking the turn of events and is soon riding that gorgeous shaft cowboy style with breathless gusto! Suffice it to say that it’s enough to get both boys dumping copious quantities of top-quality hot boy jizz!

    Scene 5

    Scene 5 • Runtime: 00:21:58

    Tags: / Tattoos / Twinks

    As if to underline their thieving tendencies, the director has once again chosen to present a proud trackie-donning chav casing a young hoodie’s flat – the youngster eyeing the expensive-looking flat-screen TV when the owner enters the room unexpectedly. Instincively, the chav pushes the hoodie down onto a nearby sofa and uses his weapon of first resort, namely the handsome-looking cock that’s stuffed inside his pants – with immediate effect! Why, the hoodie’s slurping on that thick shaft like a greedy wastrel; and whilst the chav is more than eager to partake in a little fellatio in return, it’s obvious that we’re soon gonna be seeing those low-hanging chav balls slapping against that hungry hoodie ass! Indeed, there’s no denying the relish with which this lithe little fucker rides the fat schlong that’s presented to him, and it’s not long before he’s banging out a heavy wad of cream from his nicely-curved dick! An effort that’s immediately replicated by the chav, who then lights a fag in spent satisfaction!
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