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    Jung & Dauergeil

    Jung & Dauergeil

    Release date: 11/11/2009
    Streaming price: $0.15
    Bonus Points: 15

    Breakdancer Niki is always horny – this Berlin street hussy shamelessly drops his pants for us and is proud to show off his magnificent rod. When Darian pulls out his hard-on in front of the lens during a photo shoot, photographer Marcel can't wait to get both his holes plowed with that fat juicy cock. With a total of 15 scenes, including solos and couples, these horny lads show us how their juices get to spurting-point when they're ready for action in Berlin.

    Studio: SpritzzDirector: Christopher Lucas
    • Alex Pain
    • Aurelien Duval
    • Brice Farmer
    • Darian Hawke
    • Leo Yankho
    • Marcel Schlutt
    • Rick Belour
    • William Berry
    Category: All / European / Young Studs
    Scene by Scene

    Alex Pain & William Berry

    Scene 1 • Runtime: 00:09:28

    Tags: Latino Men

    Sporty, damned tasty-looking and up for any type of fun - who wouldn't wish for a sweet boy such as Alex Pain? Here you can see how he really shows EVERYTHING! In the meantime, William should be doing his homework, but it's not easy being a schoolboy and the constant horny feeling leaves him no choice. The school book is put away and the juicy latino dick comes out!

    Alex Toledo

    Scene 2 • Runtime: 00:05:22

    Tags: Solo Sex / Big dick / Tattoos

    Alex Toledo is an adventurous bottom and always on the look-out for the next horny fuck. His mega-thick cock and tight hole are waiting for the next fucker...

    Aurelien Duval

    Scene 3 • Runtime: 00:05:58

    Tags: Pierced Cock / Pierced Nipples / Solo Sex / Tattoos

    Aurelien Duval is the hottest French import for a long time. Those who like pierced, kinky boys are in the right place...


    Scene 4 • Runtime: 00:05:29

    Tags: / Solo Sex / Sport Kit

    First of all Benny kicks around a football, then he goes home and gets out of his cool sports gear. Jacking off whilst butt-naked is Benny's favourite hobby!

    Brice Farmer

    Scene 5 • Runtime: 00:05:18

    Tags: Solo Sex

    On a hot summer's day Brice cools off his super-delicious body with water. But the heat makes him horny and so Brice has to work the every-growing bulge in his pants.


    Scene 6 • Runtime: 00:04:32

    Tags: / Solo Sex / Big dick / Boy Next Door

    Enrico is “a nice boy from next door”. Watch how he bathes naked in a lake and then at home massages his tasty cock until he finishes...


    Scene 7 • Runtime: 00:04:29

    Tags: Shower / Solo Sex / Hairy Body / Latino Men

    Enrique comes from South America and shows us what he gets up to at home. He loves to have a bath with his clothes on, jerk off his latino dick and piss in the basin.

    Jan Amron & Dave Mojo

    Scene 8 • Runtime: 00:12:18

    Tags: Black Brothers / Dungeon

    An old, abandoned hospital is the location for this hot fuck session. Black boy Dave leads the unsuspecting Jan into his sex basement, gets his tool thoroughly blown and then rams him in every way possible.

    Justin Beeker & Rick Belour

    Scene 9 • Runtime: 00:11:21

    Tags: Pierced Nipples / Safe Sex / Tattoos

    Super-tasty Justin and Rick suck and jerk each other which then leads to a fuck session which almost breaks the bed. Justin knows how to split a rim and Rick willingly takes the energetic thrusts.

    Leo Yankho

    Scene 10 • Runtime: 00:05:54

    Tags: Shower / Solo Sex / Anal Toys / Cock Ring

    Leo Yankho loves to visit Berlin, above all because the men receive him particularly gratefully. No wonder, as who wouldn't want to have this stud in their bed and his proud cock in their ass?

    Marcel Schlutt & Darian Hawke

    Scene 11 • Runtime: 00:10:33

    Tags: / Tattoos / Facial Hair

    It was supposed to be just a photo session, but with a quick glance at Darian's enormous knob Marcel happily puts the camera to one side and offers him a hand and blow job. Thankfully for him he is done throughly by the experienced pornostar with the mega cock.


    Scene 12 • Runtime: 00:04:51

    Tags: / Solo Sex

    Niki is an absolute highlight among the Berlin boys. The little break dancer does a few phat moves on the street and then shows us how the thing in his pants gets ever bigger and juicier.


    Scene 13 • Runtime: 00:02:49

    Tags: / Smoking / Solo Sex

    Peter is a student and likes to enjoy Sundays quietly. This involves a cigarette on the balcony and relaxing jerk-off session.


    Scene 14 • Runtime: 00:05:15

    Tags: / Solo Sex / Big dick

    Latino lad Ricardo is in jail. His thick cock is brought into shape and he fucks a soft rubber hole. At the climax of the horny session Ricardo shoots his load across several feet.


    Scene 15 • Runtime: 00:03:45

    Tags: Solo Sex / Big dick / Cock Ring

    The friendly Timo with his enormous XXL cock is a real attraction. Here you can see how he uses his king-sized tool to first of all piss and then to finally shoot his load.
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