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    Too Big To Fail HD

    Too Big To Fail HD

    Erscheinungstermin noch: 01/08/2017
    Download preis: $44.75
    Bonuspunkte: 3000

    Kurzbeschreibung Wenn dir einer weismachen will, dass es nicht auf die Größe ankommt, dann glaub ihm kein Wort. Ehrlich! Nirgendwo sonst auf dieser Welt ist Größe so wichtig wie in Schwulenpornos, wo ein langes Rohr und ein geiler Körper dir alle (Hinter-)Türen aufmachen. Der dunkelhäutige Brite Marcus Campbell erlebt das am eigenen Leib: Bei seiner Reise nach Prag stellt er fest, dass die willigen weißen Burschen dort das letzte Bisschen Selbstachtung sausen lassen, wenn sie nur seinen riesigen Kolben zu fassen bekommen! Connor Rex, Martin Rivers und Lucas Drake sorgen für die knackigen, warmen Ärsche am Set- und der ortsansässige Adam Webb leistet mit seinem Megakolben tatkräftige Fickunterstützung! Zu groß - gibt's nicht!

    Szene für Szene

    Cute Twink Gets His Arse Skewered By A Monster Black Dick!

    Szene 1 • Spieldauer: 00:00:00

    Schlüsselwörter: Rimming / Big dick / Tattoos / Schwarze / Interracial / Jockstrap

    Maybe it’s the size or maybe it’s the allure of the exotic, but we have a whole legion of twinks at STAXUS who always go weak at the knees at the prospect of black dick. As such, it’ll probably come as no surprise to our fans to hear that the arrival of the dashing Marcus Campbell sent hearts racing and puckers quivering in sweet anticipation! The biggest question in the office, however, was who would be first to enjoy the pleasure that it seems only big black cock can bring? Well, the honour in this instance goes to Martin Rivers – Campbell’s own personal choice, as it happens, having received a promise from the young Czech beauty to deep-throat his thick, massive monster within thirty seconds of first meeting it! Does he achieve that personal goal? All we’ll say here is that the lad really does put on the performance of a lifetime; and within minutes is quite literally presenting his ass to the stud as if to scream out his desire to be mated hard and raw! It’s an invitation that could surely never be snubbed by anyone – least of all a young, virile bastard like Campbell, who promptly rims the hairless hole with animalistic fervour, then plunges his oversized weapon deep into the young boy’s guts. In short, Rivers never really stands a chance from the off – his hole literally wrecked in a series of positions, as his inner bitch comes to the surface and he rides cock like his very life depended on it. The ultimate result is what can only be described as the cumshot of all cumshots from the horned-up white boy; before Campbell spews his own sticky, gooey thankyou in return!
    Download preis: $11.00
    Bonuspunkte: 600

    Docking Buddy Cums Face-To-Face With A Meaty, Uncut Monster!

    Szene 2 • Spieldauer: 00:00:00

    Schlüsselwörter: Muskeln / Rimming / Big dick / Spielzeug / Twinks / Unbeschnitten / Blond Haired / Gesichtsbesamung / Fingern

    Anyone with anything of a foreskin fetish is gonna be seriously in tune with the opening minutes of this monster dick inspired duo, given that Adam Webb really does seem to have massively blessed in the prepuce stakes. Indeed, his buddy, Casey Flip, can’t really get over how much skin he has – although given what we already know of Webb’s oversized dimensions, the fact that he’s got such a generous fold of foreskin shouldn’t really come as too much of a surprise. After all, big cock-heads must come in big packages – and let’s be honest they don’t really come much bigger than this! A fact that Flip is clearly only too willing to make the very most of; as he finally starts to slurp on Webb’s generous length, gobbling away and drooling as he does so. In comparison, it has to be said that Flip’s own dick is something of a disappointment – although lined up against a super cock like Webb’s that was always destined to be the case. What’s more, the differential is only made all the more obvious when the two guys begin to dock their knobs – Webb rolling out his skin to quite literally consume his mate’s shaft in the process. What Flip lacks in length and girth, however, he more than makes up for in gusto; not least of all when Webb proceeds to first finger and rim the lad’s arse, before fucking it with a dildo and then his monster dick. By this point, of course, the floppy-haired blond is literally biting his lip in a heady mix of pain and pleasure; culminating in him pumping out a quite unbelievable multi-shot of jizz, before Webb wraps things up by dumping over the boy’s face!
    Download preis: $11.00
    Bonuspunkte: 600

    Big Black Cock Rewards Cute Lad With A Well Creamy Fuck-Hole!

    Szene 3 • Spieldauer: 00:00:00

    Schlüsselwörter: Rimming / Big dick / Twinks / Schwarze / Interracial / 69

    Young cutie, Connor Rex, is feeling fucking horny. Of course, there’s nothing unusual about that – it’s kind of his permanent condition! – but on this occasion he’s got a hunger for black cock; and in Czechia that’s not always the easiest of desires to fulfil. Fortunately, he’s got a vivid imagination. So much so, in fact, that he’s soon able to conjure up the inimitable Marcus Campbell onto his sofa – at which point all his dreams of big black cock are well and truly made into very sweet reality. Of course, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that the lad is soon hanging off that dark, handsome monster – his lips tightly embracing the full length of meat now on offer. What might prove a little more unanticipated is the fact that Campbell is soon returning the favour, devouring Rex’s admittedly smaller cock with equal ferocity. Not that the black stud’s attention remains solely on the young twink’s dick for long. As ever with a guy like Campbell, his real goal is his twink buddy’s tight, hairless pucker; and it doesn’t take too long before he’s eagerly rimming that hungry hole for all it’s worth. That, of course, is but a prelude for the main course of action, as the black stud guides his dick into the pup’s guts and promptly indulges in the kind of invasion that a young lad like Rex quite literally lives for. Indeed, given the manner with which the boy rides that thick, dark salami you’d be quite forgiven for thinking that he’d really like to be permanently attached to it. As it is, however, the show ends with Rex getting a gooey arse; before Campbell gobbles the white boy to a sticky finale!
    Download preis: $11.00
    Bonuspunkte: 600

    Cock-Crazed Beauty Gets His Arse Fucked To The Moon & Black!

    Szene 4 • Spieldauer: 00:00:00

    Schlüsselwörter: Big dick / Tattoos / Twinks / Schwarze / Interracial

    Out of all the horny, cock-crazed twinks that Prague has to offer, one arguably stands out from the rest. Lucas Drake – whose whole existence at times seems to rest on him getting his hands (not to mention his ass!) on the next big dick. So it pretty much goes without saying that the news that a hunky black stud of Marcus Campbell’s calibre was in town kind of drove the cutie almost insane! To such a fucking extent, in fact, that our director, John Smith, had to rearrange his filming commitments to ensure that the blond-haired beauty got his share of big black cock. The result, needless to say, is this breathtakingly brilliant duo, which sees Drake hanging off that meaty British cockhead in next to no time – much to his obvious delight! Not that Campbell remains unimpressed by his new playmate’s performance; even to the point of enjoying a munch on Drake’s dick himself. But there’s just no denying that it’s the young Czech lad who’s the real impetus here; although given the look of near-anguish on Drake’s face when the mega-hung Brit boy first pushes into the twink’s fuck-hole, you rather get the impression that the cutie might have bitten off more than he can chew. Having quickly accustomed himself to the invasion, however, Drake is soon upping his gear; grinding his hips up and down as he rides Campbell’s ass-slayer like a pro. An almost impossible-looking reverse fuck only underlines the classic nature of this coupling; with Drake soon having the spunk banged out of his balls, prior to the black mamba completing the pup’s sweet humiliation with a full-on facial!
    Download preis: $11.00
    Bonuspunkte: 600
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